Nutrient management is a process that involves defining the nutrient needs of crops, and determining the best method to provide the amount, sources, placement and timing of fertilizer and manure applications to maximize nutrient uptake of the crop, and improve yields.Implementation of nutrient management plans should protect the environment, maintain crop productivity, and increase profitability.

Technical Assistance
In many cases in North Carolina, nutrient management planning must meet the regulations and standards set forth by law,environmental rule and policy. To insure the regulatory criteria are met, the nutrient management plans are certified by technical specialists. The technical specialists are approved by the NC Soil & Water Conservation Commission.
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Nutrient Management Tools
Nutrient management planning is a complex process requiring planners knowing what resources are available and what needs are to be met. The challenge is developing a plan that ensures nutrients available when the plant needs them, but no nutrients remaining at the end of the budget cycle. This requires a variety of planning tools.