Nutrient Management Software

Computer Preparation

Before installing the software, several important steps must be competed first. If these steps are not competed properly the software will not install or run properly.

First Step

Installation of Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010. This must be installed to allow the software to communicate with the databases even if your computer is equipped with Microsoft Access. First determine your systems type by going to your control panel -> System. Here listed under System Type will be either 64-bit Operating System or 32-bit Operating System. After determining your system type, follow the Microsoft Access Database Engine Link to begin the download process. You will be asked which version you need to download. Based off the operating system you determined previously, if your system type is a 64-bit operating system you choose AccessDatabaseEngine.exe, if your system type is a 32-bit operating system you choose AccessDatabaseEngine_64.exe. Click Run to install the software. If the pop-up does not open to run the install, check your pop-up blocker. Follow the instructions for installation.

Next Step

Go to My Computer and go to the following location: C:\ProgramData. Under the ProgramData folder add a new folder named NutrientManagement. Make sure it is all one word, no spaces or underscore – If the ProgramData folder on the C:\ is not viewable, we advise you to contact your local IT administrator. If you have administrative privileges, you may locate it in the following steps: Go to My Computer and click on C:\ then click “Organize” (top left). Select “Folder and Search Options” then select “View” tab in Folder Options then select radio button beside “Show Hidden Files, Folder, and Drives”. From here you can follow the guidance above to create a new folder.

Once the steps above are competed, follow the Nutrient Management Software link to begin the installation process. Click the install button and run the setup.exe file. The program should install to the following location – C:\ProgramData\NutrientManagement.

Installation Instructions and User Manual

If you are using a Federal USDA Network Computer:

Contact your local USDA IT to complete the following steps. Administrative privileges are required due to installation of certain aspects of the software. It is anticipated that USDA IT assistance will be needed only for the initial deployment of the software.

Need Assistance?

If you have any issues installing the software please contact

Please notify the Division of Soil and Water Conservation if you download the Nutrient Management Planning Software so we can track the number of copies in use.